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  • Interior decorating trends embrace nature and green living.
  • Tips on fall decorating
Fall interior decorating trends are finding green living and environmentally healthy choices at the forefront again. This time the trend is getting a bit more literal.

Natural elements are still an important part of the home and can be found in bamboo flooring, rattan furniture, stone countertops and raw wood furniture. Some of these fundamental design pieces are less expensive than alternatives and some are much more costly; it's important to do your research before making a decision as not all brands are the same.

Ashley Signature Millennium, Samuel Frederick Fine Furniture Paragon Collection, 178-12-1505 Another trend that seems to be gaining stride is decorative stained finishes. Inlaid wood is quite popular but also expensive and more people are currently opting to use a decorative or faux staining technique to draw attention to their beautiful wood pieces but without the expense of inlaid wood.

Another eco-friendly trend that is picking up steam is reclaimed and refurbished materials being used in creative ways. Instead of demolished materials being sent to a dump, companies are snagging up these little treasures and making a business of reselling them. Some companies are just reselling the raw items, such as bricks and old timber. Other entrepreneurs, ones with an artistic flair are turning them into new pieces, like a coffee table from reclaimed wood and a chalkboard from antique slate. Either way, this trend is an excellent way to add personality to your home without adding more clutter to the earth.

Tips on Fall Decorating

Fall is an excellent time to update your home and add a few new touches before the short winter days force you inside, but not all of your modifications need to be huge alterations. There are very inexpensive ways to add a little holiday décor to your home in the fall, or simply ways to embrace the environment by bringing in a plant, collecting leaves for a photo display or filling a vase with stones and pebbles. The best way to get inspired for this season's decorating trends is to take a long walk and make mental notes of all the beauty Mother Nature has created in her home.

Subtle changes such as adding a touch of color or a focal piece of furniture can really give your home some (new) personality.


When deciding on color, it's easy to stay in the safety zone and stick with standard neutral tones. But in reality, more people are using colors that pop. Why not shed some of the boring colors that can seem drab and try spicy colors that stand out and grab attention.

Chili-pepper red is the trend for this fall and into the holiday season. Look for this color on everything from wall decorations to pillow accents to glassware. Even red lighting is becoming a popular decorating accent. Try combining other zesty colors such as rich yellows, organic greens and fiery oranges to achieve a look that is sure to get attention.


Painting isn't the only way to give a stylish nod to autumn. Look for blankets, pillows, and rugs in darker colors and textured fabrics to complement your furniture. Choose fabric patterns with metallic or beaded detail, embroidery, or Middle Eastern influences. Besides providing an instant updated look, these easy additions will make your home seem warmer and more comfortable. Fill shelves, tables and bare corners with various-sized candles in delicious seasonal scents like cinnamon, vanilla, apple, and pumpkin pie. Use copper accents wherever possible for a rustic fall look.


It's really amazing what a few accents can do to an entire room. Adding a throw and some pillows, along with perhaps a vase and wall hanging can transform a room to have a vintage country influence, a modern feel or Asian-infused design elements.

One piece of décor that is really popular for all design types is the mirror. Hang a large mirror in a room as a focal point that not only opens up the space, but distributes the light beautifully. Or, for something different, hang a wall with several smaller mirrors for an interesting decorative element that draws in the eye. Shapes, sizes and frames come in an infinite amount of styles so they can coordinate with your overall theme.

Klaussner, Simple Elegance, 131-13-1367 Decorating For Thanksgiving Is Easy!

Most people just focus on the table for Thanksgiving decorating, and while that is indeed important, don't forget to bring the beauty of autumn splendor into other areas of your home. Some quick ideas include:
  • Pick up some silk garlands of autumn colors and drape them over doorways, windows, mantels, and artwork or mirrors.
  • Invest in a package or two of silk fall leaves. They only cost a couple of dollars at the discount store, so use them as lavishly as your budget allows! Tuck them behind picture frames, sprinkle them on tabletops, even pin them to your guest towels! Nothing brings that warmth to a home more than fall's splendor!
  • Set a backdrop for your Thanksgiving celebrations! Layer fabrics on windows and tables, bring out the area rugs (you can layer them too!) and switch out some of your more summery accessories for things with rich colors and feel.
  • Create a little snack or breakfast table in a corner of your kitchen with a cheap card table and some layered linens. Accessorize it with a basket of apples and apple cider.
Use these great ideas for your home today, and find out how thankful your loved ones are that you cared enough to make their home as special as can be.